Albertslund Municipality

Location: Albertslund, Zealand, Denmark

Objective: find a balance between needs for urban development and nature conservation in a suburban area close to the capital

Problems: recent administrative reform makes it difficult to locate knowledge and identify key players and stakeholders in planning and implementation process

Solutions: to cope with the effects of the administrative reform, municipal authorities have had to resort to informal networks

Results: administrative networks have been established facilitating and improving the municipal planning

Critical factors of success: interpersonal contact and use of existing personal professional networks to link the various administrative levels and the different stakeholders

Key learning points: information and guidance helpful and needed from government agencies to municipal authorities, the full impact of structural reform is still uncertain after two years 

Actors: municipal authorities, central government agencies, network of municipalities

Communication: following the disappearance of the county level administration, municipalities are forced to rely on themselves and on cooperation with neighbouring municipalities

Financing: income tax

Zealand (Sjælland) island (map center) is linked west to Fyn by the Great Belt Bridge and east to Sweden by the Oresund Bridge.File:EU location DEN.png




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