Conservation and management of wolves in Croatia

Location: Croatia (Lika, Gorski Kotar, Dalmatia)

Objective: conservation of wolves and their harmonious co-existence with humans (wolf managment plan)

Problems: wolf attacks on cattle; negative attitude towards wolves; lack of trust; insufficient and inadequate information in media

Solutions: participation of local interest groups in joint planning and decision making; information gathering and communication of results through plan. Organisation of meetings and facilitated workshops

Results: wolf management plan resulting in more confidence and better cooperation between all stakeholders; reduction of attacks on cattle, increased public awareness, local community involvement in decision making

Critical factors of success: Joint planning and decision making. Communication network among all stakeholders; regional coordinators who are in contact with pepople most directly affected. Incidents reportrted and acted upon.

Key learning points: crucial to plan activities jointly and inclusively

Actors: all stakeholders

Communication: communication played an essential role in awareness raising of all stakeholders including wide public and their support in conservation of wolves in Croatia; communication was an important part of decision making process

Financing: Life III

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