Dubravica Bog: Management and sustainable use of a small Natura 2000 site

Location: Dubravica, Zagreb county, Croatia

Objective: preserve the bog and find solution to difficult management due to multiple land ownership by active involvement of local community and participation of various stakeholders

Problems: provide access to the site; land purchase and ownership: small parcels and many different owners, succession

Solutions: involving the municipality and the local hunters association, project expert guidance

Results: development of a stakeholder network for nature conservation; procedure for the evaluation of protected areas management plan in line with EU standards, action plan for protection of Dubravica bog

Critical factors of success: enthusiasm, dedication and readiness of experts to act; communication and coordination between partners; local community and other stakeholders interested in preserving Dubravica bog
Key learning points: many different parties (experts, government institutions, local community, hunters association and other stakeholders) got interested

Actors: cohesive community; devoted and active experts and volunteers

Communication: communication between partners played a key role in the success

Financing: CARDS / EuropeAID

Map of Croatia highlighting the County location
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