Negotiation and adoption processes during creating and implementing the green network planning document in Keila Rural Municipality

Location: Keila, Harju, Estonia

Objective: create an ecological network (“Green Network”) in Keila Municipality

Problems: convincing county level officials of the need to increase ecological connectivity; sporadic opposition by land owners

Solutions: include local conditions and stakeholders views and interests in the planning and implementation of EN; make suggestions that are realistic, well reasoned, supported by information and well communicated

Results: Green Network plan established in accordance with local conditions and stakeholders interests and therefore effectively implemented

Critical factors of success: local authorities had an above average awareness of ecological networks; the completion of comprehensive plans where green network and settlement issues have been adequately addressed (?)

Key learning points: different planning levels need different approaches; pressure from locals to adapt plans to local conditions is necessary;  include land owners as of the early phase of planning; accept that some tradeoffs are inevitable

Actors: local authorities, county authorities, landowners, other stakeholders

Communication: Face-to-face information, written statement/consultation, consultations, expert information exchange

Financing: municipal and state budgets

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