Intyamon: Example of an ecological network initiated by farmers, Canton of Fribourg

Location: Gruyère, Fribourg, Switzerland

Objective: have a large participation from farmers to manage about 8% of their land under the ecological compensation area scheme to protect a series of target species

Problems: canalisation of the river and intensification of the agriculture in the valley

Solutions: propose to the participating farmers a catalogue of possible measures. Official support and control

Results: existing compensation areas were better managed and new compensation areas were established

Critical factors of success: bottom-up initiative from local farmers supoported by agronomic institute and a biologist. Close monitoring of the results by an appointed specialist

Key learning points: a list of target species for conservation was established. Practical training in hedgerow maintenance was a directly applicable skill

Actors: local farmers

Communication: information to the public was provided through excursions, exhibitions and articles in the press

Financing: most direct costs were directly borne by the farmers. Overall project costs were covered by the Canton. The Swiss Bird Association financed the ornithological monitoring

Map of Switzerland highlighting the Canton of Fribourg

Map of the Canton of Fribourg




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