Val de Ruz: Example of an ecological network improvement project, Canton of Neuchâtel

Location: Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Objective: protect target species "Dusky large blue" by connecting its habitats and adapting management practices

Problems: monitoring the progress in terms of project implementation and effects of the measures on the target species

Solutions: general management of ecological compensation areas and target species conservation measures such as late mowing

Results: farmers participating in ecological compensation schemes to extensively manage their meadows

Critical factors of success: general concept development of the theoretical ecological network subsequently discussed with individual farmers

Key learning points: establishment of target flora and fauna values for each conservation measure to be financially compensated

Actors: project coordinated by a working group. Implementation by participating local farmers who were compensated for the measures they implemented

Communication: presentation, visits, conferences, article published in the press, flyers circulated to inhabitants

Financing: direct payments for ecological compensation areas, cantonal conservation  agency, Swiss landscape fund and cantonal NGOs

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