De Utrechtste Heuvelrug

Location: various, Utrecht, The Netherlands, www.nationaalpark-utrechtseheuvelrug.nl

Objective: Restore ecological connectivity in an area of high landscape and nature value, but also high population and transport infrastructure density

Problems: many different uses of a very limited space. High pressure from different user groups (industry, forestry, conservation, housing), high land prices

Solutions: a joint steering committee facilitated the proper communication between the different stakeholders. The location of red (urban) and green (nature) areas was reshuffled through a participatory and inclusive process

Results: a thorough management plan for the whole area with increased connectivity, clear separation of functions where appropriate, integration of multiple functions where possible

Critical factors of success: joint participation of all stakeholders in the planning process. Good communication, positive approach

Key learning points: A good communication between the different stakeholders / landowners ensured a fluent process

Actors: among other participants are three private landowners, the State Forest Service, the Association for the preservation of Nature Monuments and local authorities

Communication: the process was open and transparent and all stakeholders could contribute through a specially designed interactive website where all information was made available






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